About Me

I am a Kelowna based designer and front-end developer

from a small town in Saskatchewan. I went to college in Lethbridge, earning my Multimedia Production diploma before moving to Kelowna. My design style is clean, simple and thoughtful. I code my designs into fully functional, responsive websites. I have extensive experience with HTML5, CSS/SCSS, Wordpress, Drupal and customizing themes. I'm also experienced with Bootstrap and Foundation front-end frameworks; this website is using Foundation.

Freelance work is always welcome, email me for more details.

I've got passion.

Aside from being a designer I am also an animal loving, yoga practising, rollerskating, motorcycle riding, hula hooping hippie at heart. I love music. And I mean really love music. I truly believe that Classic Rock and Electronic music belong on the same playlist, and I think that Shambhala Music Festival is the happiest place on earth.

My mother encouraged me to be artistic. It was written in a contract at an early age that I would be an artist.